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tv   [untitled]    January 28, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EST

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documents for the new. treaty with the us putting the unprecedented nuclear deal with. russia's parliament over a bill to the country's security following the deadly bombing which killed thirty five people. a u.s. investigative committee.
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drawing parallels between. egypt and the string of colored revolutions in the space over the last. taste of russia in the very heart. hello and welcome.
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is a quintessential british. green. here from the three hundred it's a fine day so mr densher business. in the early twentieth century it was. originally known as the crown and public house. drank here. democrats at
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least to the spot not far from here. in. the good old english everyone loves me. visited london six times between the year. eleven allegedly then in silence for the first time inside this pub the swick mosque library just down the road these three can have a lot of strength elsewhere. and i think you believe you see them in school say this is a very leftist sort of area and we have we have a lot of tourists coming in just because of that side. however there's a new story than first meets talent the bullshit claim which sort of spilling in nineteen or five i don't make me feel any sympathy is in london still very limited to.
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the cultural center pushkin house was founded in one nine hundred fifty six everything that catered in notting hill and moved to this new venue in bloomsbury square in two thousand and six now they have over four hundred members or friends as they're called and every month they have a range of cultural activities including exhibition is concepts and actions. just serve as a showcase for russian culture in london focused english cultural exchange. to provide educational information in russian language and culture and is an excellent resource and networking center for individuals and institutions. get a variety of people coming in a lot of different people russians known russians alike we welcome what will everybody from from central asia and all the nations that used to be part of the soviet union and that's very important for us to know if it's a wonderful people coming in here people like people like there was only one of
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them boris group in chicago of the great bob musician who's been here three times sometimes he comes here and tries out his new songs with us before he recalls them which is fantastic for ins came here and wrote a short story by chekov. called cause a cough came here of a city that avoid came here. so for some really wonderful people and they come here they enjoy coming and we look after them and that's how i see push the house you know in the years to come besides it's own events pushkin house welcomes and encourages cooperation with other institutions and groups dedicated to russian culture terrific resource right in the center of london's west end. gallery case is an exhibition space in st james where she is on display for a new focus and when she century person artists in the soviet union off to the revolution ensuring sounds iraq showcases works by abstract fifty's and
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non-conformist on to see first and to the western european art scene in the one nine hundred eighty s. . we tried to show kids and explain this art to russian immigrants mainly today's who live in london and also travel a lot between russia and other european countries but it is also very important for us to attract the attention of the native british wardens to the culture we represent. the russians are famous around the world for the love of parties and crazy night life. of the russian. is some of these are club it's known as one of the main v.i.p.'s and celebrity party spots in the british capital it has several separate spaces and don't steal. my russian from isis i can see that every time i tune to any one of the u.k.
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you write this that's respect trust is more important for the power that they have for the culture of the group and for the aims that they see the cheap and that they really need and they start investing the best the good the best and i think the russians. actually becomes a kind of trend in london. there are several shops of them where you can buy russian feed for the machines you want the british traditional russian delicatessen it also is not only groceries but also homemade russian dishes including. the cakes various salads and ships including food using a great product only when you chefs combine traditional recipes with some. healthy eating. and that brings us to this week's guests. real reason me hi nice to meet some now tell me how to do on the
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pier in the u.k. . a marriage in english sky. as it happens and i was working when i was working for a television. news program. but after we got married i spoke quite good english my husband didn't speak i knew. he's also an academic and it's quite difficult to find a job for a normal russian speaking academic in russia so we decided to move here so you're working fulltime business developer but you also work as a narrative for a magazine india is really about this this is our this is this magazine started ten years ago by a couple. by general reza had a successful run a newspaper which was the russian language newspaper now there are several off but
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we won't worry about that. and this is just a glossy supplement to direct serials businesses and tourists come travel agents and and soaps where you can buy russian clothes and books and various things and over the years have developed into a portaloo glossy magazine. firstly the huge russian speaking community in this country also people who are interested brits who are interested in learning russian and finding out about the scene and the personalities and what's going on and various other things like we will have walls of photographers the result of talent russian talent in this in london and in other parts of the case and we hope for the magazine showcases a i'm not in the magazine is in russian it is in russia and yes i. i ride
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the edge his entry his letter in two languages so for example for prospective advertisers they can get an idea what the quantum sort the magazine is and and for anyone who is interested who doesn't speak russian can see what. was in the. magazines read to suit players currently about twelve thousand people. but with half a million russians live in the russian speaking people. is the estimate live in this country we hope but there is room for expansion and people will more and more people will enjoy reason right there is no reason to love it to me to look at everything and to very much like the very best. and final location is the restaurant located on german street in the heart of london's west end. the venue selection menu of delicious dishes from around the
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world including a wide selection of russian food so why such cuisine were in six or words for all of the. referral in love with a boyish. grin. but of the sixteen stories and when i decided to clear. the rest of the market russia was a lot russians. for the. whole week much too late making abracadabra the perfect just situation for lunch. runs a mismatch statues and colorful stools and cousins on the private groups. and restaurants and just like the range of other culture on offer in the british capital it's something you will never forget. wow looks great bourse in london
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brilliant a taste of russia in the british capital literally let's try. my favorite soups. that is just delicious. perfect well suppose you believe me to finish this i'll see you go the same time next week so until then for me and the rest of the crew here and abracadabra by. what's the strangest attempt of a military take on. the us president trying to overthrow
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a foreign country's government but his strategic games must. come to a recognised its defeat. questionings if cuba managed to cope with its victory all don't. get off it. the cuban missile crisis games and reality t.v. . this is not a theatrical set. this is a real correctional facility. is there any cultural life behind us. could transform a criminal. and. really revolutionized the penitentiary system. prison.
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into the arms. of the land developed by cossacks in ancient times if. now to the center of russian defense production. christianity and shamanism existed side by side for centuries. people in remote villages from the basics we take for granted. to the routine republic russia close up on r.t. . wealthy british. market . find out what's really happening to the global economy.
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global financial headlines kaiser reports. the headlines here on our russian president dmitri medvedev has saw in the ratification documents for the new strategic arms reduction treaty with the u.s. . it's putting beyond president of nuclear arsenal cuts deal now with a media breach. russia's parliament is mulling over a bill to the country's security following the deadly bombing which killed thirty five in the capital. u.s. investigative committee as well three big weeks for the financial meltdown but most of them will still remain in place. drawing parallels between the latest. egypt string of colored revolutions in the post soviet space in the last. he's going to give us the latest now from the world of sports.
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good to have you with us with the headlines. david. place in the australian open final against novak djokovic. tiger woods enjoys a welcome return to form his first tournament of two thousand and eleven. year old france king kong that all is punished for doping. tennis in the australian open and novak djokovic has already booked his place in the final and looking to join this mari and david for a rare xenia seven and he's just a sent away from making before the number five seed dropped the first. time break having a few problems in the. fall for the right now and it's carney i rarely think.
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meanwhile there was disappointment for russia. and her partner from belarus. as they will be sent in the women's doubles final by is over don't go on flavia pennetta welcome to nasa. awards best wins param again struggled early on as a drop of science however the argentine and italian hit back say the match points on the way to send the time to the side and they proved to be too strong for carolyn. has been a breeze taking it six one still victory just over. the tennis but moved to moscow now where russia's recently retired two time grand slam finals and the limbic champion yelena dementieva is picking up the rocket again this time for charity all in an effort to introduce all phones to the game she was joined by serious car club mates eagle commutes in. ski and.
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former stalls paired up after two cents champion demeaned and double specialist he managed to win the last time break but the outcome of the mind wasn't aborts and lead to discovering a new and rewarding way of continuing to play their favorite game. today it was such a great experience to have all this kid supporting us and being so close the chance to watch all the famous russian stars here in club so it's been a great experience for for us and also for the produce young kids and in the future if they may come here and try to become a professional things players i hope so this is my first charity event and very excited to take part in such important activity. i'm just very grateful to all the sponsors who took part of this event and just very amazing that. things gave me so much in my life right now i have
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a chance to give something back to the kids and i just just a very amazing woman. talk football where munch the city's a man you are by your says his loan deal with real madrid is a dream move for tiger forward has drawn the spanish side until the end of the season admitting that city boss roberto mancini had lost confidence in him reality hartley second in the league are four points adrift of barcelona and either by or has his sight sense of winning the league title we've gone through on top of us the don't know if i don't. commit come in here come friday or get that into to achieve one to what you want us to be much as a city so the come here is to make my dream to come true make that dream of the good to come true i'm not saying i'm going to school in goals that we're going in and out of that. you have to write to you before you go four points ahead of theirs we have to do it together multiple and then hopefully to go to those who are going to. it's. not their free game losing streak thanks to an overtime win over moore is
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a bit of bad sign for leaving bryant this much ok charles most eastern city of war managed to send it into overtime only to lose on the next young shins the goal and the only other much of evening of them god came from behind to beat bodies in the shootouts. goal of some hong kong is be early leader torrey pines after finishing his opening round eight on the power. however all the talk was about tiger woods playing his first tournament of the new year while tiger woods began his new season with a bogey free round that left him free in the past five strokes off a lead at an event he's won six times. when he looked more like the player who ended last year with playoff loss wall challenge and not the man who played so poorly for so much of two thousand and ten when he didn't win on the p.g.a. tour the first time in his career. was two strokes better he had seven birdies and two bogeys in his opening round in the sheen on five under. john daly
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had a welcome return to form and he also fired a round of a sixty seven on the last one was told of the way back in two thousand and four but the day belonged to korean rookie so who come who shot an eight hundred sixty four but he didn't quite manage the whole eagle attempt on mine but still managed. remains for man to beat going into the second round meanwhile woods says there's room for improvement. it was pretty good today unfortunately a lot of us up about the whole a lot of these parts and the greens are obviously a pole and they're not quite smooth and. the holes are not a good spot on the top part so maybe i need to put the ball ball the hole so i can take the aggressor line and. let him do that. well another news trip or sort of france champion alberto contador has been handed a one year ban for failing a drugs test the twenty eight year old receive the punishment from the spanish cycling federation after testing positive for
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a banned substance from brutal all of last year's tour de france which he then went on to win concert all claims a substance came from eating contaminated meat by accident but appears to been taken into consideration consideration as normally ride is a given two year doping bans for contador as just under two weeks to appeal but if a ban is upheld he could be stripped of his latest tour de france title but for the moment though the rider says he's just concentrating on training with his new team bank. and well motivated and focused on my work it's the most important thing right now regardless awards going on their own you you've got to warrick that's what brings you were warts in the future. in the n.b.a. ray allen and paul pierce star of the boston celtics as the eastern conference lead as one of the road in portland by eighty eight points to seventy eight's a capacity crowd of sunday had something to cheer about early on ray allen would wager on this pass where early in the first. quarter and quickly responded.
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nicholas bates. dunk over he would soon have to leave the game with a sore head the game was even for most of the first half but with the interval just minutes away boston began to push their noses in front on forty one to thirty seven but the celtics began to pull away but deep in the fourth quarter rudi fernandez connecting with this very pointed to cut the deficit just five less than a minute ago however the business would seal the game really throws. a strange very unbeaten run to two games. and start a basketball where barcelona maintain their one hundred percent record in the top sixteen stage of the euro league or details of their game highlights from the rest of thursday's action. let's start in israel there where one of the hardest teams in europe we've cruised to their seventh street called wien sore for dominique and in the paint in rome are just couldn't stop him
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nineteen points and ten rebounds for baby shark in this game as mccartney recorded their biggest stammered top sixteen when in one thousand nine hundred fifty six david blood is still negotiating his new contract with the russian national team but he's still our business is running smoothly barcelona came to a limb barely are looking to increase their chances of reaching the final four we trill beyond their home court. getting off to a bride sard things to kevin being close to handed down and the slovenian stayed in until the final minutes of the match but one carlos navar in company made their experience count in barcelona eventually arraign out sixty to sixty seven winners in group the five time. and european champions going to unite us welcome to spain be to stammer and tedious as usual iran in the shill for the greeks as they gained it way into buoyantly just before halftime and backed by their famously boisterous home crowd they had few problems as the east doing eighty two to fifty six points
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we can find your mark she delighted a capacity home crowd was in their all we know all of my lane c.-a all in the lead the tour of asia all twenty two is twenty two points shining in the second quarter to help in your box into four point lead going into the break the spaniards made a comeback in the second car which was headed by week to glom air but some desperate defense in the final stages ensured the whole slate theory to iraq to remain one of the four sides in the top sixteen was a hundred percent record but in mr r g. rob us of a small ball coming up in just over two hours time to study change lots of words coming up next headlines of. cultures that so much going on there is a huge decision find time when a huge embarrassment or
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a last historic opportunity the release of over sixteen hundred documents covering a decade of negotiation. morning's today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are today.
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in some pieces but he's available in grant to tell you a grand hotel emerald. full of a club small town so-called photo olympic gold circus hotel ski current ski punnets s.a.'s royal kempinski twenty two political cars come on. now so tell.


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